I Thought About You

Frank Dain

Vocalist Frank Dain sings in the romantic style of Johnny Mathis and Frank Sinatra with special emphasis on the lyrics.

Critical praise for "I Thought About You":

"It's very easy to be lulled by a beautiful voice, especially when it flows through the banks of textured arrangements. But when that voice is infused with lyrical interpretations that

Vocalist Frank Dain sings in the romantic style of Johnny Mathis and Frank Sinatra with special emphasis on the lyrics.

Critical praise for "I Thought About You":

"It's very easy to be lulled by a beautiful voice, especially when it flows through the banks of textured arrangements. But when that voice is infused with lyrical interpretations that tear to the very core of a song's heart - and, as a result, the listener's - well, it becomes a difficult task indeed to put into words just how exquisite Frank Dain's "I Thought About You" really is. When I think of other male singers who've had the same kind of mesmerizing effect on me that Dain has with this album, only three names come to mind: Lee Lessack, Tom Michael and Charles Cermele. "I first put "I Thought of You" on in my car, but when I got to the parking garage, I couldn't turn it off. Fortunately, I had my Discman with me, so the music continued as I walked to my office, rode the elevator and got to my desk. And there I sat until it was done. From the soft lullaby of "The Way You Look Tonight" (underscored by Peter Calo's tender guitar shadings) through to the poignant In Passing Years, Dain, in collaboration with arranger- musical director-pianist Rick Jensen, whose creations here are among the year's most inspired, practically hypnotizes the listener with an ultimately - and unexpectedly - optimistic "If I Love Again" (and its lush layering of piano, bass, horn and strings), an achingly soul-baring merging of Don McLean's "Empty Chairs" with Rodgers and Hart's "It Never Entered My Mind", a backwoods bayou-flavored "I Thought About You", a joyous "Night and Day", a hopefully romantic "I Cover the Waterfront", an intimate "When I Look In Your Eyes" and the loving caress of "All the Things You Are/The Nearness of You". "After listening - no, experiencing "I Thought About You," I kept thinking about Frank Dain. Again and again. And again." Jeff Rossen, Cabaret Scenes & Gay Chicago Magazine

"It's a good thing that lasers don't wear out CDs, otherwise Frank Dain's album, I Thought About You, would be reduced to the thickness of a sheet of paper. I received a pre-release copy several months ago, and I am glad that it has finally been released, as this is definitely another 'must have' album.

"Dain possesses a voice that is constantly being compared to Johnny Mathis by reviewers, which is not quite accurate. While he possesses the pleasant vibrato and slight emotional catch of Mathis, Dain sings in a lower, warmer register that makes I Thought About You as soothing as a hot toddy in front of the fireplace on a cold winter night. The album consists primarily of standards ("The Way You Look Tonight," "When I Look In Your Eyes," and "I Thought About You" being highlights) and is bolstered by subtle arrangements by Rick Jensen (who also wrote the closing track, "In Passing Years").

"This is a great CD, debut or otherwise, and a great way to relax after a hectic day. Jonathan Frank, Talkin' Broadway - Sound Advice

"Makeout music lives! Cabaret performer Frank Dain has a warm intensity in his voice that suits the romantic nature of the songs here, including "Night and Day," "You Go To My Head," and particularly "It Never Was You." I'm not a fan of combining two songs to make a dramatic statement, but Dain makes a strong case for his pairing of "Empty Chairs" (Don McLean) and "It Never Entered My Mind." Ballads predominate, but Dain and arranger/musical director Rick Jensen swing gently, but persuasively, in the exceptional "I Thought About You." I haven't had this one off my CD player for the last week." Stephen Peithman, Capital Public Radio, Sacramento, CA.

"Frank Dain caresses each tune with warm intimate phrasing and a gentle passion that draws a bond between singer and listener that makes both feel each song was meant just for them." Al Monroe, WNTI-FM, On The bandstand

"The master of the ballad, FRANK DAIN, has finally released his first CD. "I Thought About You" showcases Dain's breathless, throaty voice with songs like "The Way You Look Tonight," "Night And Day," "All The Things You Are/The Nearness Of You," and "I Cover The Waterfront." A delightful blend of Johnny Mathis and Frank Sinatra, he mesmerizes with his heartfelt renderings of love songs. Just what the doctor ordered in these times of chaos and confusion - a smooth voice that will melt away your tensions." Laurie Lawson, Electronic Link Journey

"One of the loveliest and most romantic recordings I have heard in years." Roy Sander

"The singer takes after Johnny Mathis, possessing the same passionate quiver in his delivery. The same sort of ardor is present on these romantic ballads that kept Mathis at the top of the traditional pop singing roster for years."
Dave Nathan, All Music Guide

"This is truly a "two lovers by the fireplace" mood album. Johnny Mathis and Julie London now have a cohort in Frank Dain. He sets the mood and treats the standards with respect and love. I especially like: "The Way You Look Tonight", "Night and Day", and "You Go To My Head". Bill Miller, The Bill Miller Show

"Singer Frank Dain works in the cabaret/jazz standard vein. His gentle touch with his vocals puts him way above many other singers in this over-populated field. Working with Rick Jensen as his musical collaborator, the two have created some superb arrangements of some classic songs. "The Way You Look Tonight" is the perfect introductin to this easy-going set. Dain superbly focuses his sweet voice on the lyrics in his medley of "All the Things You Are" and "The Nearness of You". This CD is a performance of sensitivity and class. Rick Jensen's own "In Passing Years" closes the album with a dash of poignancy." Patrick Arena, Southern Voice & The Slant

"Frank Dain's I THOUGHT ABOUT YOU (Dancing Bull Music 1313; 39:14) is a thoroughly romantic affair, in no small part because of Dain's warmly expressive baritone, with a Johnny Mathis-like vibrato, although not as emphasized as Mathis'. In addition to cabaret, Dain has appeared in regional theatre musicals, perhaps accounting for the thoughtful approach he takes in his interpretations. Among the great standards in Dain's 13 selections are "The Way You Look Tonight," "If I Love Again," (great arrangement by musical director Rick Jensen featuring French horn, viola and cello), "Night and Day," "You Go To My Head," "It Never Was You," and "I Cover the Waterfront." Doctor Doolittle's "When I Look in Your Eyes" is a reminder that song is too neglected. Don McLean's "Empty Chairs" and Rodgers and Hart's "It Never Entered My Mind" make an off-beat but effective pairing with backing by piano, guitar, bass, and cello. Combined, Dain's vocals and Jensen's arrangements create a fervent atmosphere for the listener. Show Music Magazine


"...this is how the top 20 rank ...every album on the list received a four-star rating..."

  1. "I Thought About You" Frank Dain (Dancing Bull Music)

In collaboration with arranger-musical director-pianist Rick Jensen, whose creations here are among the year's most inspired, Frank Dain practically hypnotizes the listener as his beautiful voice flows through the banks of Jensen's sumptuous arrangements. Dain's lyrical interpretations tear to the very core of a song's heart and, as a result, the listener's as well. But you don't merely listen to "I Thought About You"; you're transfixed by it.

Jeff Rossen, Gay Chicago Magazine 2001 in Review


"The first time that I ever saw Frank Dain perform, in a small Manhattan club in 1996, I was struck by the immediacy of his presentation and the warm, emotionally honest quality of his singing. Those same qualities are no less evident on Dain's new CD, on which he revisits some of the great standards. Dain's singing, with the quicksilver fluttering of his vibrato and the laser precision of his crisp phrasing, draws the listener in, quickening his pulse and rekindling long dormant feelings. The throaty catch in his voice may conjure Johnny Mathis, but the vocal magic is all his own. But if Dain's singing is impassioned, it is also finely controlled. He is never maudlin, never overstated. His performances are distinguished by an IMPLIED burst of emotion that makes each song crackle with energy and tension. The emotional floodgates may be ready to burst, but Dain astutely manages to keep those feelings at bay. That he can convey a wellspring of such feeling without overselling his material is a testament to his interpretive talents. His repertoire here is a fine collection of great standards like "The Way You Look Tonight," "Night and Day," "You Go to My Head," "It Never Was You," and the title track. His pairing of "All the Things You Are" and "The Nearness of You" fits like a hand in glove. Even better is his blending of Don MacLean's "Empty Chairs" with Rodgers and Hart's "It Never Entered My Mind," with Dain mining two songs written decades apart to convey the utter disbelief of a man suddenly confronted with the dissolution of a relationship. Dain's hypnotic, evocative rendering of "When I Look in Your Eyes" belies its origin in (of all things) Leslie Bricusse's score for the movie DOCTOR DOLITTLE. Rick Jensen's "In Passing Years" is a distillation of the importance of deep friendships as a constant in our lives. Produced by Jeff Waxman and Rick Jensen (who also serves as Dain's arranger and musical director), and co-produced by Lisa Asher (the director of Dain's live shows, and a fine singer in her own right, with a CD called LET THE MYSTERY BE), the CD finds Dain with distinctive but unobtrusive instrumental accompaniment, including Jensen on piano, Dave Phillips on bass, Peter Calo on guitar, Rex Benincasa on drums/percussion, and Wendy Sutter on cello. Jack Bashkow's alto sax, English horn and flute nicely augment Dain's performance of the Edward Heyman/Johnny Green classic "I Cover the Waterfront." The Dain vocal instrument has seldom shone as brightly as it does as presented here. If you want to hear material from the great American songbook, or some newer songs that prove that they DO still write them like they used to, delivered in a voice that recalls a time when hushed singing drew lovers closer together, pick up a copy of Frank Dain's I THOUGHT ABOUT YOU." Bruce Douglas Swiszcz

Biography: Vocalist Frank Dain most recently appeared at the Cafe Pierre, performing with resident singer/pianist Kathleen Landis. He was featured at "CabaretFest 2003" in Provincetown, MA where he was the sole entertainer for the Sunday Jazz Brunch. He performed at the first ever Philadelphia Cabaret Convention, "Cabaret Goes to the Movies," sponsored by the Mabel Mercer Foundation and held at the renowned Prince Music Theater. He has also appeared in concert at the Memorial Hall Center for the Arts in Wilmington, VT. Frank has received critical praise for his numerous solo shows performed at New York's popular nightclubs, including Don't Tell Mama, Danny's Skylight Room, Judys' and Steve McGraw's. Frank made his New York Town Hall debut at The Mabel Mercer Foundation's summer Cabaret Convention entitled "Grand Nights For Singing." He has appeared as a guest singer for a number of cabaret performers in New York and performed at numerous benefits. He has been featured on the television show Jersey's Talking, hosted by Lee Leonard, and has performed on Jim Lowe's radio program.

Frank's debut CD, I Thought About You, has received critical praise from critics across the country. The CD features 13 songs by such songwriters as Rodgers and Hart, Cole Porter, Leslie Bricusse, Johnny Mercer, Jerome Kern, Dorothy Fields and Oscar Hammerstein II. In addition to the title track, the CD includes The Way You Look Tonight, Night and Day, You Go To My Head and All The Things You Are/The Nearness of You. Frank has been interviewed on a number of radio stations and his CD receives extensive air play across the country.

As an actor, Frank has performed in regional theater with leading roles is such musicals as A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (Hysterium), Cabaret (The Emcee), The Fantasticks (The Mute), Godspell (Herb), Gypsy (Tulsa) and Jesus Christ Superstar (King Herod). He also has had roles in A Midsummer Night's Dream (Oberon), Much Ado About Nothing (Claudio) and has appeared in A Streetcar Named Desire, Can-Can and Pippin.

In New York, Frank appeared as Lucky in an Off-Broadway production of Dames At Sea. He has taken part in various readings and recordings of new musicals and songs by new composers.

For additional information, please visit www.frankdain.com.

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